Best Strictionbp Reviews – What Miracles Striction BP Can It Perform?

Increase or decrease in blood pressure can happen without showing signs. With Strictionbp reviews you will have an ample idea about what this pill can do to your blood pressure. According to the WHO almost 1.13 billion people around the globe is suffering from rise in blood pressure and WHO is also referring hypertension to be a “silent killer” [According to WHO].

If your blood pressure remains high for long time then this condition is called Hypertension (HT or HTN).  High blood pressure can occur when blood against the arteries wall becomes high that it cause health problems.

Blood pressure can be measured with the amount of blood that the heart pumps against the resistance of arteries to blood flow.  If Arteries are narrow, hart have to do more work to pump the blood. Hence, you will have high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, you can have high blood pressure without having any sign of it. You won’t even know that it is there even for years. This hidden without symptoms ailment can lead to damaging of blood vessels and if it happens uncontrolled then it can increase the risk of stroke or even hard attack.

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There could be many reasons that contribute to rise in blood pressure. Fortunately, in this era of latest technology many researchers have indicated that certain herbs and natural ways can decrease the chances of blood pressure.

Striction bp Does It Work?

Strictionbp works by providing the body with the proper amount of nutrients. This balanced amount of nutrients helps the body to regulate the blood pressure naturally.  Striction Blood Pressure is getting famous among people because of its ability to control the blood pressure with help of natural herbs.

There are many natural ingredients that work and are included in strictionbp. But, before we talk about ingredients, you need to know many things that are explained below.

What is Blood Pressure?

Like Explained above blood pressure is the force of blood pushing the wall of arteries.  Blood pressure is usually measured by two numbers. The top number that you will get is the pressure when your heart beat. It is also called systolic pressure. When the heart contracts to pump the blood out of it then it will call systolic pressure. On the other hand when the heart relaxes then it is called diastolic pressure.

Usually systolic pressure is higher than diastolic pressure.  Normal blood pressure can be below 120/80. It can be high if it exceeds 140/90, this level of blood pressure is also called stage 1 blood pressure. Moreover, stage 2 blood pressure will be the one if the reading exceeds 180/110.

If someone gets type 2 blood pressure then he/she should receive medical attention immediately. However, having blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 indicate pre-hypertension.  Having pre-hypertension indicates that such person will not get low blood pressure. Such person may also develop hypertension in the long run if not treated properly.

How can one Manage Blood Pressure?

Treating blood pressure is related to life style change as well as regulating the diet. It usually starts with decreasing the amount of salt in the diet. Weight can also contribute to blood pressure. You can also stop smoking and lower the amount of alcohol consumption in addition to having exercise if you want to lower your blood pressure.

Only having such things cannot totally cure your blood pressure. You can also have medication to lower it. To have medication you first have to ask about it from your doctor. Every “body” is different and it subject to some side effects that may have not seen by others.

However, there are essential vitamins and nutrients that can help you in having the balanced diet. There can be many types of medication to lower the blood pressure.  Each type of medication have different benefits and risk involved. These benefits and risks are to be evaluated by your health care provider to control your blood pressure to normal.

A best blood pressure medication can help you to bring down your blood pressure to normal within few days.  Unfortunately, hypertension is a long lasting medical condition so, it often comes with little and even no symptoms. So, you need to remember taking your medication on time. However, it can be challenging to remember every day about your medications.

You can take a long acting pill to get save from the burden of remembering about the pill. Once, you start the medication you should use it until your doctor ask you to stop using it. Moreover, you need to tell your doctor about your present condition because sometimes the medication can be rejected by your body.

To save you from all of this here are the strictionbp review. The strictionbp is made by keeping these things in mind. You can prevent high blood pressure and it may also help you in treating it.


What are Risk Factors of Hypertension?

The major risk factor that contributes in having high blood pressure includes unhealthy diet usually having salt and other saturated fats and Trans fat in it also, diet with no fruits. Moreover, lack of physical activity, consumption of tobacco, alcohol and being overweight can increase the risk of having hypertension.

Other factors include family history, over aged usually more than 65 years and other diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease.

So why not have a supplement that targets both blood sugar as well as blood pressure. You can prevent both of these ailment of you have such supplement before appearing of such disease.


Age can contribute to narrowing of the arteries. Normally people age above 60 can have spike blood pressure.  Moreover, the blood pressure increase as you age the arteries can become stiff and narrow due to building up to plaque.


According to the statistics women are more likely to have hypertension than male.

Other risk Factors are

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Food rich in salt, and high fat diet
  • Low potassium intake

Is it important to know that you have blood pressure?

Yes, it is very important to know because detecting it early can help you to regulate it. Just as explained above it is called ”Silent killer” and can occur without showing symptoms.

High blood pressure can make you at the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. There are many deaths recorded by heart attack in previous years. It is also said that if blood pressure gets from other people contact then it may be think of pandemic.

Common Symptoms of Hypertension

Just as explained above it can have no symptom and can take your life without telling you that it was there. However, there can be chance that symptoms may appear, the symptoms include early morning headaches, heart heartbeat, blurry vision or change in vision, buzzing in the ears and nosebleed.

Other than this severe hypertension can cause

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Chest pain
  • Muscle tremors.

If you are suffering from hypertension or it is in your family genes then best way to detect the blood pressure is in its early stage. You need to have your blood pressure checked by health professional.  Luckily, checking blood pressure can be quick and even painless.

Now days, people can easily measure their own blood pressure using electronic devices.

Things You can Do to Prevent High Blood Pressure

There are many things that you can do in addition to having supplement to prevent having hypertension.

Regular Exercise

It is recommended for people having high blood pressure to engage in an exercise for 150 minutes.  You can do aerobic exercise every week and can do intense exercise 75 minutes a week. You are not bound to the exercise mentioned here, you can also have daily exercise session at least 5 days a week.

You can also engage yourself in different acitivies such as swimming, jogging, walking or cycling.


Stress can also contribute to increase in the blood pressure. You need to avoid or manage stress if you want to control your blood pressure.

There can be many ways by which you can control your stress. The ways include meditation, yoga, baths, or doing what you like. There are also many relaxation techniques that can help to relief stress.

To reduce stress people also avoid having alcohol, drugs, or tobacco and even junk food. These things also have effects on blood pressure so you should avoid it.

Smoking also increase the blood pressure hence contributing to hypertension. Avoiding smoking can also help to avoid or to get rid of hypertension and other health related problems.


The last thing that you can do to control the blood pressure is ofcourse, with medication. You can have medicines of many types some of them May be prescribed to your by your doctor. There are also many over the counter medicines but you need to be sure its effects so it is advised to have your doctor approval before having any medicines.

The choice of the medication depends on the individual and its body requirements. If you have antihypertensive medications then you need to be careful. To be careful you need to read the label of these over the counter drugs.

Different drugs can affect body differently but the general things like vitamins and other important minerals are required by every human being so, why not consider Strictionbp. In the coming Strictionbp reviews you the beneficial ingredients that every human being can require.


You also need to take care of the diet. There are certain things that can increase the blood pressure so you need to avoid such things in your diet.

Reducing Salt

Having Salt can also increase the blood pressure. The normal person has salt between 9 grams and 12 g per day in most countries. However, World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the salt intake of 5 g in a day to help with your hypertension problem.

Lowering salt can help whether or not you have hypertension or not.

Lessen Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption increase the blood pressure so, having it in less amount or cut of completely can help you to normalize your blood pressure.

You healthcare provider can tell you amount the alcohol that you can have. In general you can have

  • 12-ounce of beer
  • 4 oz of wine
  • 5 oz of 80% pure spirits
  • 1 oz of 100% pure spirits

Having more Fruits & Vegetable in diet

It has been seen that people who have high blood pressure usually have low intake of fruits and vegetables.  So, people having high blood pressure should develop habit of having fruits or vegetable in their diet.

It is also recommended to have

  • Whole Grain Fiber and high fiber food
  • Fruits and Vegetable
  • Beans, Pulses, and nuts
  • Food Rich in omega 3 twice a week
  • Skinless poultry and fish
  • Vegetable oils such as olive oil
  • Low fat dairy products

It can also include Trans fats such fats can be available in oily fish and olive oil. These can have protective effects on the heart. Still, they are fats and one have to avoid them.

Reducing Body Weight

Extra body weight can also contribute to increase in the hypertension. The more you lose your body fat the more regulated you can have your blood pressure. Normalization of the blood pressure occurs because heart does not have to work hard to pump blood to the whole body.

You need to have balanced diet. The balanced diet is based on the individual size, sex and its activity.


The cause of hypertension is still unknown and it varies with the individual. Hypertension can also occur because of the other diseases. However, it can also develop if you do not have any other disease. If you have the disease without other diseases then doctors call it as primary or essential hyper tension.

On the other hand if the hypertension is due to other diseases then doctors call it secondary hypertension.

The known cause of hypertension may be from

  • Unbalancing of the blood plasma value
  • Blood volume managing hormones
  • Environmental factors such as stress and lack of exercise

Secondary hypertension can occur from other special causes and it can also cause other complications. Other problems that can contribute in hypertension include

  • Diabetes, kidney problem and nerve damage
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Disease
  • Cushing syndrome or effects of drugs
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Sleep apnea
  • Obesity


If you have high blood pressure then your articles can be filled with plaque. Usually the walls of the arteries are filled with plaque thus making the arteries narrow.

Narrowing of the blood vessels can make hypertension worse. It makes the job of the heart difficult to do. Hypertension can lead to other things such as

  • Heart Failure and Heart Attack
  • Kidney Failure
  • Abnormal bulge in the wall of an artery (It can also burst)
  • Stroke
  • Amputation (cutting of a limb)
  • hypertensive retinopathies in the eye

Regular blood monitoring can help the people to avoid these and other severe conditions that can lead to death.

If you want to have the natural way to control the blood pressure then here can be best option for you. But it is always enough that you ask your doctor before using any medicine.

Strictionbp Reviews – Best Supplements That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Read Strictionbp Reviews can be the best supplement that can help you to lower the blood pressure with all natural ingredients. The idea behind striction bp  is that you get your blood pressure to normal with natural vitamins and minerals.

Striction bp is rich in powerful antioxidants. Such antioxidants can help you to maintain healthy blood sugar level.

Before having any product you need to know all the details about it. You also need to know the potential benefits and side effects that it can provide.

In the following post we will talk about only striction bp the magic potion.

Striction bp Reviews

In the Striction BP reviews we will talk about its working action, the ingredients involved in making this pill, some frequently asked question and its side effects. The most important thing you need to know is that Is it really Work?

This review is formulated by having data and conclusions from various customer experiences and studies provided by different scientific trails related to use of the ingredients involved in Striction bo.

The aim of the Strictionbp is to clear your doubt and confusion about the product. The Strictionbp supplement review is meant to inform you about the all sideeffects of strictionbp.

Luckily, you will see that the product is all natural and you will be motivated to try such supplement. However, it is also highly encouraged that you ask your doctor first before trying any product.

What is StrictionBP?

Striction BP an exciting blood pressure management supplement that have three all natural and special ingredients, such ingredients works naturally without showing any sideeffects. Striction BP can provide you with unique ingredients that can bring down your blood pressure to normal.

If you have tried many supplements but failed to keeping your blood pressure normal then luckily for you this product is in the market. With its well scientific research you will have latest technological and tested product.

striction bp formula may also lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol as well. It is formulated especially for people who had enough with the un treated problem.

Striction bp Ingredients

strictionbp formula claims that it contains specially formulated ingredients. Such ingredients can be highly effective in controlling and regulating the blood pressure naturally.  Strictionbp formula contains vitamin B6, Magnesium malate, cinnamon called Ceylon cinnamon that is special. These ingredients are not made in laboratory so they are total natural.

You can find these ingredients in other products but Strictionbp formula mix these ingredients in such a way to increase its effectiveness. So, you can think of strictionbp like mother nature has provided us the nutrients only man have combined them in equal proportion.

These ingredients scientifically regulate the blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level as well as heart heath.

By having such ingredients you can have decreased in the amount of blood pressure.  Lets have a close look at these ingredients.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is the rare kind of cinnamon that is only found in Sri Lanka.  Cinnamon is also very popular spice that is not only cheap and tasty but also provides us with the number of health benefits.  The Cinnamon can be divided in to two types.

Both of these types are beneficial for human health but if one type is taken in more amounts then it can cause adverse effect on human health. Before having a look at its types you need to know what actually cinnamon is.

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is actually a spice created from the bark of the cinnamomum tree.

Usually the spice in the inner bark is dried till it forms curls. When it is curled it rolled up and now they are called cinnamon rolls or cinnamon quills. You can also have the cinnamon in powdered form.

The property of the cinnamon is because of the essential oils and components namely cinnamaldehyde. Such component gives the cinnamon its aroma and taste. With its many beneficial uses you can have this to get desired benefits such as lowering of blood pressure.

Now we will discuss the two types of Cinnamon that are

Cassia Cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum cassia tree such tree is found in southern China so it is also known as Chinese cinnamon. You can also have different species of cinnamon spread widely across Eastern and Southern Asia [1].

Cassia Cinnamon is dark brown red in color and usually have thick sticks and rough texture than Ceylon cinnamon.  This cassia Cinnamon is of low quality and is cheap but it is commonly used around the world.

This type is more easily available in markets. Cassia Cinnamon is used in cooking especially in traditional Chinese medicines.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and Southern Pats of India. It is pure form of cinnamon and it is made with the internal bark of Cinnamomum verum tree. Ceylon Cinnamon is a tan-Brown colored and it contains sticks with soft layers.  The colors and features make it an all-rounder.  It is less common than Cassia Cinnamon, this type of cinnamon has earned many prizes because of being a good cooking spice.

It is more expensive than common cassia cinnamon. It is delicate and has a mild sweet flavor, such qualities make it suitable for deserts.

Do you know approximately 50 to 63% of essential oils is cinnamaldehyde [2].

Both Cinnamon for Diabetics

In addition to its use as desert cinnamon has also provided health prizes. In specific it is good for controlling blood sugar. Such property is very good for people having diabetes. Many studies have found promising results from Ceylon cinnamon when it was used as a supplement [3].

Other studies included animals, in this study a reducing in the blood sugar spike was seen an increase in insulin sensitivity [4].

Unfortunately, there is no human trail to this study, so further study is needed in order to confirm the experiment results.

The common cinnamon Cassia is subjected to study and test on human those who were suffering from hypertension and those who were healthy. The study indicated a reduction in the blood sugar level for using it for several months [5].

The correct amount of cassia is between 1 to 6 grams per day.  Cinnamon usually has no side effects or minimum in scarcity amount of people.

What is More Good to Have?

Both of these cinnamons have different health benefits because they both have different essential oil rations and other nutrients. One study indicated the true difference between the two herbs.

According to the study different cinnamon’s components appear to block a protein called tau from pilling up in the brain.  Both the cinnamons do this so it is hard to make a difference between the two. You cannot call one cinnamon to be superior to other.

Unfortunately, there is no proper search that indicates the key difference between these two herbs. However, one this is for sure that Ceylon is fat less harmful to you if you consume it regularly.

Can Cassia Cinnamon Harmful to You?

Having cassia cinnamon regularly can cause problem because it contains a compound known as coumarin. It is found naturally in plants. Moreover, in rodents, coumarine can cause kidney, lungs or liver damage and ever cancer.

However in human, there are different researches that say the opposite things [6]. It is said that having coumarin in 0.2 mg/lb is safe intake. It is important to note that you need to ask your doctor first before using such things in your diet.

The cassia Cinnamon is rich in coumarin, cassia can contain 1% coumarin while Ceylon can have 0.004% or 250 times less than coumarin provided by cassia cinnamon [7].

Having 1 to 2 teaspoon of cassia cinnamon can exceed the set limit of coumarin intake so you should avoid having too much cassia cinnamon in your diet. But, you can have Ceylon Cinnamon.

By keeping this in mind Strictionbp has chosen Ceylon Cinnamon extract as its natural ingredient.

Magnesium malate

Magnesium is very beneficial mineral and it plays an important role in regulating the health.  Magnesium is widely distributed in food. To have more of magnesium you can also have magnesium pills.

Magnesium malate is the supplement that contains rich magnesium and malic acid. Lets known more about magnesium malate and why it is included in striction bp ingredients.

What is Magnesium Malate?

Magnesium Malate is obtained by having magnesium with malic acid. Malic acid is also beneficial and is found in fruits. Such acid is also responsible for the food taste.

Absorbing magnesium is not as fast as absorbing magnesium malate. A study on rats was conducted and the researchers found that magnesium malate is faster [8].

Magnesium Malate is also used for treating different conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, and even depression.

Uses Of Magnesium Malate?

Research found that most American adults lack adequate amount of magnesium in their diet [9]. Of course, you can have magnesium malate in your diet to fulfill your body’s magnesium demand. By having Magnesium Malate, you can prevent magnesium deficiency that may lead to many diseases.

Do you know magnesium Supplements are also used to prevent headaches and even migraines? This Recurring headache can also cause conditions like nausea and even having sensitive to light [10].

According to another research it is found that magnesium malate can also promote healthy bowel moments. By acting as laxative, it can draw water into your intestines to stimulate easy movement of food through the digestive track.

Magnesium can also act as antacid, a medicine use to treat heart burn and also for relieving stomach upset problems.

Benefits of Magnesium – Striction bp Ingredients

There are many studies that have indicated the benefits of having magnesium in body. However, more study is needed for testing only magnesium malate.

May Boost Mood

Magnesium is used for treating depression since 1920s [11]. One study contained 8894 adults having low magnesium in them so the researchers measured high rate of depression in them [12].

Another study contain 23 years old adult with diabetes and having low magnesium, it was found that having 250mg of magnesium every day helped him to improve symptoms of depression [13].

There are other many similar studies that indicate the same effects as mentioned in the above mentioned studies. You can also see for yourself. But you need to know that having any supplement into your system needs to pass your doctor recommendation.

May improve Blood Sugar Control

Many studies have indicated the improvement of blood sugar level by having magnesium some of the studies are.

One study showed that having magnesium can low the risk of type 2-diabetes [14]. Having magnesium supplements can also help to improve blood sugar control and also insulin sensitivity.

Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas. If pancreas fails to produce insulin then it can cause diabetes similarly, if your pancreas are healthy but your blood is not ready to accept the insulin then blood can acquire resistance to insulin [15].

Another study involving children show that 71 children having type 1 diabetes choose to take 30mg of magnesium every day. It was seen that their h hemoglobin A1c decreased by 22% which is good for you if you are suffering from diabetes [16].

You can Read More about Blood Sugar level from Here.

May Enhance Exercise performance

Magnesium is there for regulating proper functioning of the muscles, energy production, oxgen absorption and electrolytic balancing. There are all the important things required for exercising [17].

There are many studies that indicate the role of magnesium in increasing the exercise. Animal Study also showed that magnesium can increase the performance.

According to the research magnesium can improve the ability of cel clear out lactate from the muscles. Lactate can build up in the body during exercise and can contribute to sores in the muscles [18].

Another 4 week study that contain 25 volleyball players were conducted in this study they were given 350mg of magnesium daily so they reduce the lactate production to improve the performance of jumps and eve arm swings [19].

Malic Acid is also known for its ability to promote muscle recovery as well as reducing fatigue in athletes [20].

May Help To Reduce Chronic pain

Some studies of magnesium malate also suggested that it can help to reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease and it can cause muscle pain as well as tenderness in all parts of the body.

One study included 80 women and they all were given magnesium, it was seen that having 300mg of magnesium citrate for 8 weeks help to reduce the tender points they experienced as compared to other controlled group [21].

Another study included 24 people with fibromyalgia and they were given 3 to 6 tablets containing 50 mg of magnesium and 200g of malic acid twice daily.  It was seen that the supplement has reduced pain and tenderness [22].

However, there are also other researches that conflict with this research. There are 11 studies that indicate that having magnesium and melic acid has no effect on fibromyalgia [23].

Side Effects of Magnesium Malate

Magnesium Malate can also have side effects, common side effects include diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps especially if you take this in high amount [24].

Overdosing magnesium such as having magnesium 5000mg per day can be toxic and can have serious symptoms that includes blood pressure, facial flushing, muscle weakness, and even heart problems [25].

Magnesium Malate can also hinder with the prescribed medicines that include diuretics, bisphosphonates, antibiotics, and other types of medication that can be used to prevent bone loss. So, if you are having such medicines it is always advised to seek your doctor advice before using it.


The balance Dost that you can have is listed in the table below

Age Male Female
Birth to 6 months 30 mg 30 mg
7-12 months 75 mg 75 mg
1-3 Years 80 mg 80 mg
4-8 Years 130 mg 130 mg
9-13 Years 240 mg 240 mg
14-18 Years 410 mg 360 mg
19-30 Years 400 mg 310 mg
31-50 Years 420 mg 320 mg
51+ Years 420 mg 320 mg

You can meet this requirement by having food rich in magnesium or you can have supplements that can maintain your magnesium requirements. Magnesium can be found in avocados, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables legumes, and also in whole grains.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is also called Pyridoxine and it is a water soluble vitamin. Body Require Vitamin b6 for performing many functions. This vitamin is very important for protein, fats and even carbohydrate. Vitamin b6 is also responsible for creating red blood cells and neurotransmitters [26].

There are nutrients that body produces by itself, such nutrients are called non-essential because it is not required by our body.  On the other hand, the nutrients that is not prepared by out body is essential for us and we have to supply it from our diet.

So, Vitamin B6 is also an essential vitamin as body cannot produce it by itself. People can have Vitamin B6 through their diet but there are people that are at the risk of having Vitamin B6 deficiency.

Having adequate amount of Vitamin b6 in diet is important for optimal health and his can even prevent or treat chronic diseases [27].

Can Improve Mood & decrease Risk of Depression

Vitamin B6 is responsible for creating neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating emotions. The neurotransmitters include serotonin, dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid [28].

Vitamin B6 also help in decreasing high blood level of amino acid named homocysteine. Such amino acid is linked with depression and even psychiatric issues [29].

There are other several studies that show different depression symptoms associated with low blood level and intake of vitamin b6. This can happen especially in old adults who are at the risk of Vitamin B deficiency [30].

In one study the researchers took 250 older people with lower vitamin B6 in their blood. Research found that having Vitamin B6 in blood in less amount cause increase in the probability of depression.

Unfortunately, having only Vitamin B6 for treating depression is not so effected as indicated by the researchers [31].

There are many more studies that indicate the effect of vitamin B6 on mood as well as on developing depression.

May Improve Brain Health and Decrease the chance of Alzheimer’s Risk

Vitamin B6 can play its important role in improving the brain function and for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many studies that support the above statement and there are also many studies that contradict the above statement.

Vitamin B6 can also decrease the high homocysteine blood levels that may increase the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease [32].

One study included 156 adults having high homocysteine levels.  These 156 adults were given high dose of Vitamin B6, B12 and B9 also called folate. This decreases homocysteine and also help to reduced wastage in some regions of the brain that can be vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease [33].

Also a random controlled test was conducted that included 400 adults having mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.  The researchers found that high dose of B6, B12 and folate can decrease homocysteine levels. However, a slow decline in brain function is also compared to a placebo [34].

Another study only include Vitamins such as B6, B12 and folate but unfortunately, only having vitamins did not improve brain function as well as reducing Alzheimer’s disease [35].

May Prevent or Treat Anemia

Vitamin B6 can be helpful in stopping and treating anemia caused by deficiency of hemoglobin production.

Hemoglobin is basically a protein that is used to provide oxygen to the cell, when you have low hemoglobin your cells do not have enough oxygen this can result in feeling weak and tired [36].

May Treat PMS

Vitamin B6 may also be used for treating premenstrual syndrome such as PMS. Also it can treat Anxiety, depression and even irritability.

Researchers also want to know vitamin B6 action for controlling emotional symptoms related to PMS because of its role in creating neurotransmitters.

May prevent Arteries from Clogging

Vitamin B6 is also seen to be the one that may help to prevent heart diseases. There are many researches that indicate that lower levels of vitamin b6 can increase the risk of heart diseases 2 times as compared to those who have high values of vitamin b6 [36].

Vitamin B6 can also decrease the elevated homocysteine levels that are associated with different heart related diseases [37].

Another study was conducted on rats and it was seen that deficiency of vitamin b6 cause great level of cholesterol and development lesions. This great level can cause artery blockage because of the exposure of homocysteine as compared to the rats that have adequate B6 in their blood [38].

Human trials were also conducted and positive response is seen in a study of 158 healthy adults having sibling with heart diseases. The siblings were divided into two groups one group receive 250mg of vitamin with 5mg of folic acid for two year and the other group receive placebo pill [39].

Group that took Vitamin B6 and folic acid happen to lower their homocysterine level as well as less abnormal heart beat during exercise than the placebo group [40].

May also Prevent Cancer

Having enough Vitamin B6 may also reduce the risk of having a cancer. However, the reason why this happen is un clear but researchers suspect that it is related to fighting against inflammation that contribute to cancer and other chronic diseases [41].

There are other 12 studies that also find that having accurate intake of Vitamin b6 can lower the risk of colorectal cancer. It is also seen that having good amount of vitamin B6 can lower the risk of cancer to almost 50% [42].

Research on Vitamin B6 can also relate to breast cancer. Having adequate level of vitamin B6 can help to decrease the risk of disease also related to postmenopausal women [43].

Unfortunately, there are studies that indicate that having Vitamin B6 and caner has no any distinct relationship [44].

May Promote Eye Health

Having Vitamin B6 can also play an important role in stopping eye diseases. Research also indicates that vitamin b6 can decrease age related muscle degeneration that can affect vision.

Vitamin B6 can also help to reduce elevated blood level of homocysterine, having good amount of Vitamin B6 can reduce the risk of muscle degeneration [45].

There are many studies that indicate that having vitamin b6 can help to prevent eye related problems. However, there are also studies that indicate that having alone Vitamin B6 do not have such benefits.

May Treat Inflammation Associated with Arthritis

Vitamin B6 can also help to reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. The high level of inflammation in the body can happen because of arthritis and such can have make you have low level of vitamin B6 [46].

However, it is unclear and more searches are required to make it a fact that having vitamin b6 supplement can decrease the inflammation.

Sources of Vitamin B6 and Its Supplements

There are many food that provide vitamin B6 also many supplements can provide such vitamins. However, the recommended amount of vitamin B6 is 1.3 mg to 1.7 mg for adults over 19.

You can have vitamin B6 from many foods such as turkey, chickpea, salmon, potatoes, bananas, and tuna.

Side Effects of Vitamin B6

Having vitamin B6 as a supplement and from the diet can have negative side effects. Vitamin B6 toxicity cannot occur from the food sources. There can be almost no chance to have that much amount of vitamin B6 from diet that can cause over dose.

However, having supplements more than 1000 mg may case nerve damage, pain or numbness in your hands or feet. These side effects are documented; an individual took just 100-300 mg of B6 per day [47].

Strictionbp Reviews – Supplements That Help Lower Blood Pressure

Strictionbp contain all the essential ingredients that are required to maintain a lower blood pressure. Strictionbp have chosen all the natural minerals as its ingredients and having such minerals extract in correct amount can help to fight high blood pressure.

How Strictionbp Make low Diastolic Blood Pressure?

Strictionbp is made with all natural material to have low diastolic blood pressure. According to the 22 trials of the magnesium and cinnamon discusses above. Study shows that such components can lower your blood pressure.

Prescribed blood pressure supplements can cause many side effects so if you are not willing to have prescribed medicines you can have all natural solution. Blood Pressure can cause problem especially if you are above 40 years old.

Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases also increased with the increase in blood pressure. If you want to get rid of your health condition then you can consider having StrictionBp. More importantly, if you are having different supplement but still you are not achieving the effects of lowering of blood pressure then you can have Strictionbp supplements.

You should know that there is also a guarantee associated with strictionbp formula. You can start noticing the effects within few days after using StrictionBp. To make it free from any side effects all natural ingredients are used in this strictionbp.

strictionbp reviews have revealed that it can make your life much easier as you wish for. StrictionBp supplement are more effective and you can have the natural way to fight health disorders.

Striction bp Does it Work?

Strictionbp works because of its three main ingredients there three ingredients working action is explained above. These ingredients can be the best option for hypertensive patients. Lowering of low blood pressure is made easy with the three all natural material extracts.

Vitamin B6 and Ceylon Cinnamon help to prevent high blood pressure. The different metabolic functions as well as biochemical reactions are involved in having regulated blood pressure. Conditions like Atherosclerosis or plaque can cause reduced by using such all natural ingredients.

If you have no plaque in the blood vessel then you can get saved from high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol level.

As explained above magnesium also plays an important role in regulating blood pressure. So, all these ingredients are there to control the elevated blood pressure. These ingredients are mixed in a correct proportion to get the best out of them.

You can have the best performance of this pill because of its working action. The main ingredient that works best for lowering the blood pressure is of course cinnamon. In this pill special cinnamon is used in order to lower the blood pressure.

One of its working features is that it also reduces the insulin resistance thus normalizing the blood sugar level. However, it is not the best pill for diabetes. For diabetes you can have Blood Sugar Formula.

If you don’t wait long you can even enjoy the Discount.

Where to buy StrictionBp?

If you want to buy this from a local store than unfortunately, you will not find this product in the local stores. However, you can purchase this from their official website which is Striction Bp. If you somehow purchase this pill from other stores then there is a chance that you will get a fake one.

Due to its popularity, you can find many fake products. So, to avoid having fake things you can have the product from its official store. The GNC Company is also well known because they prioritize heath.

You can easily have Stirctionbp shipped to your home by clicking this buy now button. While purchasing from the website you need to fill out the contact details. In the final step of making payment you can chose the amount you want for you. You can get the discount amount if you chose this in bulk amount.

One bottles of cost you more as compare to the cost if you have more bottles at once. Sometimes if you buy 2 bottle you will get a free one two in the price of 2. Strictionbp also give you have several gifts in form of making you relieved from blood pressure as well as providing you other health related benefits.

How to use Strictionbp?

Strictionbp is made with all natural ingredients which is required by the body to maintain its regular function. There is also no side effect of using striction bp according to the manufacturer. This also does not make you change your daily routine or your living pattern.

Despite all of its beneficial features, Strictionbp is not suitable for daily medication. People suffering from medical conditions, pregnant women or nursing mothers and children under 18. Moreover, you need to have your doctor’s consent before using such medicine.

In any query you can also make use of strictionbp customer review. Normally, adults can have 2 capsules in their breakfast and 2 in their dinner. So, a total a 4 capsules a day can do the trick.

It is important to note that the daily dose should not exceed from the set value. If there are any reactions using this supplement because all human are different then you don’t need to hesitate to ask anything from your health professional especially in matter of dosage.

You should also consider having balanced diet, exercise and enough sleep if you want to have the best result.

Benefits of StrictionBp

Customers have shown good strictionbp reviews and because of its positive reviews it is appreciated by almost everyone. Striction bp complaints so far are shown in the cons section of this review.

Benefits of Striction Bp are explained as following

Maintaining Normal Blood Level

Cinnamon action to help fighting the insulin resistance can maintain the normal blood pressure. Also it will fight against insulin resistance.

Reduce Blood Pressure

If you are worried about fluctuating reading of the blood pressure then you need to try striction bp. Striction bp can help to reduce the pressure by maintain constant systolic as well as diastolic readings.

Healthy Cholesterol Level

The main reason behind high blood pressure is high cholesterol level. Approximately, 27% of high cholesterol may be reduced by having strictionBp pills.

Improving Heart Health

StrictionBp might work its way to control pressure as well as cholesterol level hence decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Overall health of the heart might also be improved by having such pills.

Great Amount of Antioxidants

Due to its ingredients you will have great amount of antioxidants. This great amount of antioxidants can decrease the free radical damage and also improve skin health.

Striction bp Side Effects

Since it is made with all natural ingredients so you will have no side-effects, however, human body is complex and if someone is having benefits other might not. Striction Bp do not contain unpleasant adverse effects or artificial ingredients.

The nature of these ingredients is also pure and natural. The supplements are also free from side effects and it the manufacturers ensure that it is tested by the company as well as other 3rd part sources. The safety is also ensured by passing the pills through multiple testing.

Is Strcition Bp Safe?

StrictionBp is safe as it gives you promising results. You can start noticing the results within few days. If you are not seeing the results in the few days then you have to wait for 60 days because this pill ensure long lasting effect not a quick and easy disappearing.

Is StrictionBp FDA approved?

StrictionBp is safe because of its all natural ingredients. For potency and purity it is also gone through intensive quality testing. However, strictionBp is a dietary supplements and FDA does not approve any dietary supplement.

StrictionBp Pros & Cons

This dietary supplement enjoys many pros and little cons. So, you can have the idea of its working by this. Here are the pros and cons of Strictionbp.

Pros Cons
Targets Hypertension To Its Roots Can be considered Expensive
Secure Investment By providing Warranty Not For Pregnant women & others having health problems
Ingredients are 100% natural
Almost No Side Effects because of All natural material
Discount offers
It can also provide Blood sugar level regulation


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Does sugar raise blood pressure?

Yes, sugar can raise blood pressure because sugar can contribute to increase in the weight. Being overweight and obese can make people to develop blood pressure. It is also said that sugar can be worse than salt for increasing the blood pressure.

Blood pressure is increased because of body response to high-carb and processed food diet. It is also said that sugar can increase the blood pressure 10 times greater than salt.

When is the best time to take blood pressure medicine? Or What is the best time to take blood pressure medicine

Latest study suggests that best time to take blood pressure medicine is at night and in the early morning. By this you can lower the blood pressure in the night as well as in the morning.  This can also help to reduce elevation of blood pressure when you awaken.

Does Coffee increase Blood Pressure?

Yes, caffeine can increase blood pressure in short time. Your blood pressure is increased even if you don’t have blood pressure. However, it is unclear that what can cause the spikes in blood pressure. Some research also believes that caffeine can block the hormones that help to keep arteries wider.

What causes high diastolic blood pressure?

There can be many factors that can causes high diastolic blood pressure. The some factors are arterial pressure, coronary perfusion pressure; influence of heart rate can play its role in increasing the diastolic blood pressure.  Barrier in the arteries may increase the diastolic blood pressure.

Does drinking water lower blood pressure?

When it comes to blood pressure water is your best friend. No other beverage can beat the water. Studies showed that including minerals such as magnesium and calcium can help in lowering of blood pressure. So, strictionbp customer review also have these minerals in it so such minerals are there to lower the blood pressure.

How to lower diastolic blood pressure?

You can lower diastolic blood pressure by following ways

  • You can have healthy foods
  • You can limit saturated and trans fats
  • You can Reduce sodium in your diet
  • You can eat more potassium
  • You can Cut off the caffeine
  • You can also cut off the alcohol as well as tobacco
  • You can also cut off the sugar
  • You can also switch to dark chocolate

There are also many things that you can in addition to having supplements. Such things can help lower the diastolic blood pressure.

How to raise blood pressure?

You can have salt in your diet to increase the blood pressure level. Sodium can also increase the blood pressure.

Drinking more fluid can also increase the blood volume. Drinking more can also prevent dehydration.

You can also have medications. Also, you can have other things to raise the blood pressure.

What is the relation of coffee and blood pressure

Coffee and blood pressure relates closely when you drink the coffee momentarily your blood pressure rises up. However, it is unclear that which thing spikes the blood pressure. However, some research suggests that caffeine can block a hormone that keeps the arteries wider.

Can you Have Increase in Blood Pressure After Exercise?

Yes you can have increase in blood pressure after exercise because heart starts to pump harder and faster to circulate the blood and to get more oxygen that is required by the muscles. This can result in rise of systolic blood pressure. The normal systolic blood pressure is usually between 160 and 220 mm Hg when you exercise.

What is Best Time to Check Blood Pressure?

You can measure the blood pressure in the morning before eating or taking any medication. The second reading should be in evening. Each time you take the reading you need to have 2 or 3 readings. You doctor might also recommend you to blood pressure measurement the time mentioned here. However, you can also ask your doctor for more details.


Strictionbp reviews can help you to know about many the product in detail. This product is made by keeping health in mind. Striction bp ingredients are chosen in such a way to have no side effects.  With FDA Approved ingredients and GMO free product you can have optimum working of this pill.

Strictionbp can have many benefits and no sideeffects. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you need to know where to buy strictionbp. Due to its popularity many fake products are in the market. So, be safe from this fake product and buy the real product from the original store to keep the warranty intact.

Three key ingredients that are used in making such pill are Ceylon Cinnamon, Magnesium malate and Vitamin b6. These ingredients are added in correct proportion to provide the best working of the pill. In addition to having this pill you need to have balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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