Extreme Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan Reviews 2022

Journey to the extreme fat loss diet meal plan is difficult because some ways are not easy to follow as they can leave you hungry and you end up eating more than usual. Moreover, some diet plans are just for short-term purposes although they give you fat loss extreme and when you leave the diet plan you end up being fat more than you were before.

If you are tired of exercising and all you want is to follow Fat loss diet extreme diet plan, then you need to follow a low carb diet plan. It is not only easy to follow but also its effects are long-lasting. Low carb diet aims to reduce food craving, reduce the fat in your body, and to increase your metabolism.

Reducing Carbs

Carbs are very important for our body as they lower the level of insulin intake. This lowering of insulin intake maintains the kidney at a healthy position and carbs also prevent bloating. Reducing carb intake will surely give your body a new task to blend into the new environment. Reducing the carb intake will force your body to use fat for energy rather than carbs.

Carbs are easily available every in the body and if it is not available, the body tries to use the energy stored in the fat but it is difficult for the body to convert fat into energy. So, in a normal diet body utilizes the carbs instead of fats. But for making you shed some weight you need to reduce the number of carbs.

The study revealed that a low carb diet is more effective than a low-fat diet for weight loss. Another research suggests that eating a low carb diet can reduce your appetite. When you have less food craving you will surely eat less and hence you can achieve fat loss extreme Reviews.

Cut off Sugar, Sugary Beverages, and Alcohol

Adding the sugar in the diet means that you are adding calories in your diet other than that of nutrients. Sugary beverages play an important role in making you obese and weight gain. According to the three extensive types of research, it is made clear that sugary beverages increase weight. Moreover, studies have confirmed that sugary beverages make you obese.

Many people don’t think alcohol to be a way of making you obese or to make your weight gain. But the research found that alcohol can increase appetite and can lead to poor food choices. So, as the whole alcohol also contributes to obesity.

In a Nutshell, to get fat loss extreme you need to cut sugary beverages. Avoiding sugary beverages, processed sugar and other sugar intakes can give you faster way to fat loss.

Fat Loss Diet


Eat More Vegetable

Your diet plan should include more vegetables and low carbs. Going green will not only make your immune system strong but it also makes you lose weight. You don’t have to cut off your meals but you have to bring down your carb intake to 20-50 grams per day. You need to follow a diet plan which provides low carb in your system.

Fat Loss Diet


Make Healthy Weekly Meal Plan

If you want to follow the Fat loss diet extreme plan then you should start your week’s 2 days with low carb intake. So, for Monday to Tuesday carb intake will be a total of 50grams. Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday lose your diet and have carbohydrates in your system. On Friday and Sunday decrease your macros by 25%. Here is the Complete Weekly Plan which you can easily follow.

What to Eat on Monday

Extreme Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan

To follow faster way to fat loss you need to kick start your week with low carb. This can make your body prepared for the whole week so following are the extreme diet can help you to shed weight.

Break Fast

Start your Monday’s breakfast with 2 boiled eggs along with bananas or avocado.


In the lunch, you should make a salad with avocado or bananas or equivalent along with chicken breast or if you are vegetarian try to have mushroom instead of chicken breast.


At dinner, you should have shrimp and grits. According to the research eating grits can give you a feeling of being full. This can prevent overeating. If you are vegetarian Eat cheese grits along with mushroom.

What to Eat on Tuesday

On Tuesday you need to have the same extreme diet as you have on Monday but you can change around the things but try to have food with lower carbs.

Break Fast

In the break Fast, you need to consume the same as you do on Monday that was 2 boiled eggs along with bananas or avocado.


If you are not vegan you can have meatballs but if you are vegan you can consume vegan meatballs that will include atop pasta with marinara sauce.


For the dinner, you can have chicken and if you are vegetarian you can consume tofu, lentils, beans, tempeh, jackfruit, and so on.

What to Eat on Wednesday

On Wednesday you need to spice up things like.

Break Fast

In Break Fast you need to have your toasts along with 2 boiled eggs, lemon juice, and the same old bananas or avocados.


In lunch chicken and if you are vegetarian you can consume tofu, lentils, beans, tempeh, jackfruit, and so on.


At the dinner, you can have chicken with sweet potato fries and salad. If you are vegan replace the chicken with any of the following tofu, lentils, beans, tempeh, jackfruit, and so on.

What to Eat on Thursday

On Thursday shake things a bit.

Break Fast

In breakfast have a smoothie banana, avocado whatever you like.


At lunch have just salad.


You can have vegetables mixed with chicken, or bacon vegan can substitute chicken with any of the things mentioned above.

What to Eat on Friday

Friday will also go as other days.

Break Fast

In the breakfast have vegetable juice and smoothies.


In lunch have low carb intake and you can also take protein along it


In dinner try to have food with a maximum carb intake of 20 to 25 and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

What to Eat on Saturday

Congratulations! You earned yourself a day off.

Break Fast

You can have Stuffed Eggs in your breakfast.


You can have chicken with salad, fruit, and any other thing you like.


At dinner, you can eat whatever you like. 

What to Eat on Sunday

Prepare your body for the Monday extreme diet plan.

Break Fast

In breakfast, you need to have a pancake and other equivalent food.


In the lunch again have food with protein but with low carb.


Dinner again gives your body proteins along with Salad.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to the diet plan doing exercise regularly will help you to shed more weight.  By doing exercise you will not only burn your calories but also your metabolism will work fast. Metabolism slows down when you are on diet so, in order to boost up your metabolism you need to have exercise to have faster way to fat loss .

But exercise is not always recommended on some diets. Like on a extreme keto diet it is not recommended to have hard exercise. Similarly, on a detox diet. it;4 is also not recommended but you can do any light exercise to fresh up your body.

Another important benefit of exercising is confirmed in the study. It is said that in addition to the low carb diet you can gain your muscles while losing weight. Moreover, exercising regularly will not only keep you in good shape but it also keeps your heart in good shape.

You can lose 150-pound by 5 hours of running in a week. That makes 40 minutes in a day. When exercise is mixed with a extreme diet then you can lose a significant amount of weight. The study has shown that exercising for a longer period of time makes you lose weight significantly.

Fat Loss Diet


10 Tips to lose weight

There are many tips which help you to extremely lose your fat but the 10 most important tips are discussed below.

  1. Eat Protein

Eating protein reduces the food craving that helps you to eat less hence decreasing calorie intake. The study has shown that having breakfast or lunch rich in protein can help you to eat less because of the reduced food craving.

  1. Avoid Sugary drinks and alcohol

Sugary drinks are the main reason for making you obese and it can also lead to diabetes so, avoid sugary drinks at all costs. The study confirmed that drinking a sugary drink can make you fat within days.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will not only keep you hydrated but it also will reduce the food craving it will make your bally full. Moreover, the study has shown that people who drink water half an hour before their meals lose their weight  44% more than normal in a time period of 3 months.

  1. Eat easily soluble fiber

Eating soluble fiber will help your metabolism to act fast and to dissolve fiber easily. Research has shown that even fiber supplements also contribute to weight loss.

  1. Eat weight loss friendly food

There are some foods which are weight friendly and help you in the weight loss process. Try to eat such foods that are weight loss friendly.

  1. Drink coffee and tea

Having coffee and tea can boost your metabolism. According to research drinking, caffeine (coffee, tea) can help boosting metabolism by 10%.

  1. Use natural Herbs

Natural herbs like cinnamon taken with the lemon extract can help you to lose your weight. These herbs will also maintain your body’s natural functioning and will contribute to a reduction in a food craving.

  1. Eat gradually

Eating food at once can make you gain belly fat. The research confirmed that eating quickly in one time can lead to weight gain. Moreover, eating slowly contributes to the releasing of weight-reducing hormones.

  1. Measure your weight daily

Measuring your weight daily will keep you updated about your progress and it can also motivate you to strictly follow the diet and exercise.

  1. Exercise regularly

Having a diet plan along with exercise is a sure way to burn the fat. Exercising regularly will boost your metabolism and will burn fat quickly and will make you to maintain your shape. Exercise alone cannot do much but a combination of exercise and diet is the sure way to lose extra fat.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Fat

The time taken for losing weight depends from person to person. If you are strictly following fat loss extreme diet plan then you can achieve weight loss in the minimum possible time.  Some diets are very strict like an extreme keto diet and detox diet.

In a extreme keto diet, carbs intake is reduced to lose bodyweight. Moreover, sudden adaptation to diet also causes side effects because the body’s environment is changed due to the extreme diet.  If you are introducing extreme keto diet to your body at once then you can also experience keto-flu so, if you are on a keto diet then you can see a drastic loss of body weight.

No matter which diet plan you choose for your body makes sure that you are doing it regularly and you are introducing your body to the fat loss extreme diet plan gradually. A sudden change of diet can cause complications in some people like constipation is very common among people.

Fat Loss Diet


How fast can you lose belly fat?

Ans. You can lose belly fat fast by having a mixture of extreme diet and exercise. Abs crunches along with a diet plan can surely help you to loosen up your belly fat. The harder you exercise faster will be the reduction of belly fat.

What is the best meal plan for weight loss?

Ans. It is no the best meal because a meal plan can be different for different people according to their life style. So, better ask your doctor about the mean plan and chose accordingly. If you are exercise a lot then you should be offered a mean plan different from those who exercise seldom.

How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

Ans. You can lose weight by following a extreme keto diet along with the exercise at home. You can lift some weight or can run up down on your stairs or you can have any exercise you want. Exercise will boost your metabolism and diet will help your body to consume the fats rather than carbohydrates for energy.

How long does it typically take to lose weight?

Ans. It takes time to lose weight you cannot achieve weight-reducing within a day so you have to wait a week or a month or months depending upon your extreme diet plan and exercise.

What should I eat to lose weight in 7 days?

Ans. You should eat fewer carbs if you want to get results. Moreover, only eating will not show you result drastically you need to add exercise to your life if you want the result which you are looking for.

Can You have Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan pdf

Yes, you can have extreme weight loss diet plan pdf for men and for women. The pdf can help you in having the plan stick to your wall.

What is extreme cutting diet?

Extreme cutting diet means that you have extreme change diet. With extreme fat loss diet you can cut off the carbs and can burn the fat of your body.


Having Fat Loss Extreme is not an easy task you need to work hard in achieving weight loss. There are many diets which you can follow for reducing weight but for a faster result, you may have to reduce the intake of carbs in your diet. When you reduce the carb body uses fats this process can make you lose weight.

Other than losing carbs you need to avoid sugary drinks and to follow the healthy weekly mean plan shown above. In addition to the diet, you need to add exercise to your life. The only diet will not help you alone you need to add exercise for making your diet work better.

Tips and exercise plans are given but the real hard work is up to you. If you really want to achieve the weight loss you need to follow the hard exercise and hard diet. If you succeed in making this diet and exercise habit you will surely achieve weight loss.

Losing weight comes with many advantages like lowering blood sugar level, controlled blood pressure, and so on. Many diseases are related to obesity so, the controlling weight will help you to avoid the diseases.

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