How to Eat a Pomegranate? – The Right & Best Way

You may find different silly guides on the internet that may be telling you how to eat a pomegranate. You may be asked to separate the seeds from the pitch first and after that, you would be asked to put the membrane in the bowl.

You have to ask yourself does it make any sense. Eating a pomegranate can be very easy if you get the hang of it. You just need to follow the direction and you will be having your pomegranate in no time. Lets Start Eating Pomegranates

Take Fresh Pomegranate

Start by choosing the fresh pomegranate. You need to keep in mind that the pomegranate dries out when they are stored. You can check whether or not they are fresh or old by looking at its shape. Shrinking will mean that they are getting old.

Fresh pomegranates feels heavy as compare to their size and you can easily cut slash and bruise the fresh pomegranate. You can know if the pomegranate is ripped or not by checking if it bruises easily or not, if it bruises easily then it means that it is ripped.

There is a good chance that you will find fresh ripped pomegranates at the farmers market.


How to cut and eat a pomegranate

To know how to eat a pomegranate, you need to discard the top of the pomegranate. You need to be sure that you cut off enough of the top of the pomegranate to see the bright red seeds.

Score the Pomegranate

You can use a sharp knife to cut through the peels of the pomegranate from step to the end part. You can cut through the white section that can go from the center to the peels between the seeds. You need to make 6 sections in order to score between. You need to keep in mind that you are cutting into the pomegranate not through it.

Pull The Pomegranate Into Sections

After scoring the pomegranate you can pull the pomegranate into halves or sections. You can follow the sections of the pomegranate as dived by the white pith. The scored cuts can help you in this scenario.

Now break the pomegranate sections into tiny small pieces. Such pieces will help you in handling the pomegranate easily. You can do this over a clean bowl or any clean surface. Now you may notice that the seeds are falling out of the pomegranate. You can peel off and discard the bits that may be white membrane. Usually, white membrane covers the clusters of pomegranate seeds.

Flip Pomegranate Section and Open It

Now you have opened up the pomegranate, you need to turn it upside down. You can take the edges of the section and can pull it back to push the seeds out to the bowl or any other clean surface you are working.

You can rub or pop the seed off from the inside peel of the pomegranate. If the pomegranate seeds are ripped they will come off. Although you will be in need to remove a bit of pith at the seeds end. This is the point where the seeds are attached to the peel.

You need to repeat the steps and you will get a pile of shiny pomegranate seeds ready to eat. You can clean it by soaking it in mater and you can through the creamy white pith to the garbage. Usually you will have 1 cup of seeds from the medium sized pomegranate. You can use them in salads or you can make juice of it in a nut shell you have these seeds and now it is up to you how to eat a pomegranate.

Instead of Cutting you can also use the spoon method

How to eat a pomegranate with Spoon

Eating a pomegranate with a spoon is also an easy method of removing the pomegranate seeds. You can use the wooden spoon to remove the seeds. First you need to cut the fruits in half around from the middle then you need to hold it upside down on the bowl. Of course, the face of the pomegranate should be facing the bowl.

You can hit the pomegranate skin from the back with the help of the wooden spoon until you have all the seeds into the bowl. You can also fill the bowl with the water so that the seeds sink to the bottom and the white pith float in the tip. This way can help you easily dispose the white pith.

How to Eat a pomegranate fruit

At this point you are now having the seeds in a nice bowl and you can easily eat them right from the bowl. You can also add a little cinnamon with the sugar or little bit of salt to make it yummier.

You can also use the pomegranate in different recipes. You can look for the recipe that calls for the dried cranberries. The dried cranberry is a great choice for using the pomegranate. You can also use the pomegranate in the salad or you can use them as a part of stuffing for acorn squash. You can also have them with the nuts, crepes or even in salsa.

You can also use this delicious pomegranate in the desert. To make it more delicious you can pour cream over the pumpkin pie mixed with ice cream and caramel.

How to Prepare a pomegranate to eat and For Juice

You can have the delicious pomegranate juice once you have the seeds separated from the pith. You can easily have the seeds put them in a cup and you the best portable blender to start extracting juice from the pomegranate. You need to remember that the juice strains may not come off easily so you need to carefully blend it.

You can also make the juice by rolling the whole pomegranate on the hard surface. You can press it firmly and the seeds with pop releasing the juice from the fruit. You can also poke a straw or other thing to the skin to release the juice.

Fact: Do you know the pomegranate can grow up to 30 feet high and it can produce the fruits that are 2 to 5 inch in diameter.


A pomegranate is a healthy fruit and there are two ways that can tell you how to eat a pomegranate. You can cut the fruit to have the seeds or you can spoon the seeds out. You can also add water to the bowl so that the white pith separate out easily. Pomegranate can also proven to be good for the heart.


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